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Group Rates

Bates Motel & Haunted Hayride Group Tickets


We have special group rates for all our attractions and even have priority parking for buses. Groups of 30 or more must register before purchasing tickets. Please email us here or call Anne at 610-656-1005 for more information regarding your group attending the Bates Motel.

Group Rates: Groups of 30 people or more

Attraction            Sunday – Thursday         Friday & Saturday   

Adult Hayride               $12.00                             $18.00

Child Hayride               $10.00                             $13.00

Bates Motel                  $10.00                             $13.00

Haunted Trail                $10.00                            $13.00

Adult Combo                $25.00                            $33.00

Child Combo                $22.00                             $28.00

VIP Pass                        $50.00                             $65.00

Return and Refund Policy: All ticket sales are final. No refunds or returns.

Privacy/Security policy: The Bates Motel DOES NOT sell or distribute the data we collect during the ticket purchase. We use your data to facilitate the purchase of your tickets, and to contact you regarding specific fair related activities.

When you place an order for tickets with the The Bates Motel you will be transferred to a secure website. All personal information, including credit card information, is communicated to us using encryption technology that prevents a third party from gaining access to this information.

Shipping Method: All tickets are printed online. You must have a printer to redeem your tickets

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